Friday, February 10, 2012

My KISD Tribute Video



  1. "Broasted" !!! Very cool, Ken. So many of us fell in love with the fast patter and platters on AM in the 60s and 70s (ask Bruce Warren about 56WFIL in Philly sometime...). That's when DJs were really king...ask David Dye or Nick Spitzer. You guys were part of a wave of personality and tunes that really defined an era. THANK YOU.

  2. Very nice, Ken! If you don't mind, I'll pass that on to the missus and she'll probably share it with her radio pals. Well done.

    Where did you get that picture of The Barrell?


  3. Hey Ken, a blast from the past and a name you might remember, Bob Pritchard, aka, Wayne...later

  4. Thank you, Ken. This was the best trip down memory lane I've had in years. KISD was the most entertaining radio station of my youth. Thank you! Galen Struwe